Ye olde

I’ve decided to switch webhosts.

It wasn’t last month’s several hours of unannounced and unapologized-for downtime.
It wasn’t the numerous typos on their help pages.
No, I think what did the trick was the bill I received for $4,211.20 for
unpaid web services. To accumulate that bill, I would have
had to have been delinquent for 188 months, or since mid-1986. (That predates
the Mosaic browser
and the HTML standard, although not
the TCP/IP protocol.)

Anyway I think the procedure is pretty simple:

  1. Register with new host
  2. FTP files to new host
  3. Get NetworkSolutions to change their nameservers
  4. Cancel service with old host

So if all goes as planned, the changeover will cause no interruptions to this site.
Oh, damn. I’ve probably jinxed myself right there. I’d better move on before
I do any more damage.

Last night Nancy and I went to Bill’s for dinner. His
sister Patty was there, along with Jennie and a nice Belgian couple,
Sophie and Ward. The problem with the dinner: I can’t say anything
else about it. See, Bill is currently obsessed with my silly little website that maybe
ten people bother to read on a regular basis. All evening it was,
“Don’t put that on the website!” “That’s off-the-record!”
This must be what Bob Woodward’s social life is like.

So I think the only thing I can talk about is the wine. So here it is,
another Winelog entry:

Stag’s Leap, Napa, 1998 Cabernet Sauvignon: BRAVISSIMO!!

In Other News:

“Reassurance is good. Cash is better.” – Ahmad Fawzi, spokesman for the
United Nations special envoy to Afghanistan, on long-term American
support for the nation (from Newsweek.)

Fawzi should take heart: if President Hamid Karzai doesn’t get the
support his country so desperately needs, he can at least
us dead with his fashion sense

Edit, April 2003: Well, it’s pretty clear by now that we’ve screwed Karzai pretty good. I guess fashion sense isn’t enough.