This Conversation Never Happened

‘Tis the day before Thanksgiving, and I expect the office will be deserted. One thing I know for sure is that all my fellow tech writers have decided to take a vacation day. My boss’s parting words were, “Hold down the fort.” She left off the “comma, kid” at the end, thank goodness.

Of course holding down the fort won’t be too difficult; even a lone tech writer can be awfully intimidating. Case in point: a few weeks ago, I ran into one of our senior engineers in the hallway. “Hey, did you send me a review copy of your new guide?” he asked.

“Oops,” I said. “You were supposed to be on the list, but I completely forgot. Sorry about that. I’ll email you a copy.”

His face fell. “No no,” he said, backing away slowly, “No need for that…” And with that, he turned and fled. “This conversation never happened!”

5 thoughts on “This Conversation Never Happened

  1. Now you have memorialized the conversation that never happened. Doesn’t that break the rules of “Never Happening”?

    Just for the record, I NEVER recieve review copies of the new guide either.

    But don’t bother to send it to me either, kiddo. ;)

  2. Hey, I had to do *something* about his clever maneuvering. Revenge is a dish best served cold… and it is very cold in the Blogosphere…

    Eh, never mind.

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