In Which Someone Who Wishes to Sue a Video Game Manufacturer Has Something to Teach Us, After All

evan.goer: Sam?

slamfu: yes?

evan.goer: I have found a Stupid Warrior Forum Post that completely blows away all Stupid Rogue Forum Posts I have seen to date, added together.


slamfu: bring it on, did I write it? :)

slamfu: Oh…the shrillness

slamfu: I saw that post earlier and my lamedar warned me off.

evan.goer: At first I thought we was kidding, but reading further in the thread, it looks like he is not.

slamfu: it is to weep

evan.goer: I cannot understand how all these people manage to survive in a complex, 21st century society.

evan.goer: How do they pay their taxes?

evan.goer: How do they balance their checkbooks?

evan.goer: I am seriously confused on this point.

slamfu: because its easy. Not like we gotta watch for lions after dark.  Sometimes I miss those lions.

evan.goer: Dude, okay, bringing back the lions would be bad for guys like me.

evan.goer: I can run very fast, but I’m not THAT fast.

slamfu: you’re faster than plenty :) and thats all that matters.

evan.goer: Oh that is true, you don’t have to be faster than the *lion*!

evan.goer: good point.

slamfu: Yup!

evan.goer: Well now I feel much better about Caveman Goer’s survival chances then.

evan.goer: Also Caveman Goer is rarely sick.

slamfu: You might not get to ever have sex, but at least you wont get eaten.

evan.goer: yup, cannot carry the girl back to the cave, she is too heavy.

slamfu: Nor could you defeat The Rock in single combat

evan.goer: Well, sure I could. “Look over there, a lion” (throws rock)

slamfu: The Rock would never fall for such foolishness.

slamfu: Biff maybe.

evan.goer: Well not the Rock, he is a pretty smart guy. But Biff, yes.

slamfu: In fact, The Rock is likely to have a few such moves himself.

evan.goer: Well, then I am in trouble. My only hope

evan.goer: is to use my political skills to convince Biff to fight The Rock while I run off with the girl.

slamfu: is to build a stable society in which intelligence and discipline are held in high regard even if it means those who wish to sue over games are also allowed to live?

evan.goer: YES!!! Even better!

slamfu: or that.

slamfu: well you’d better get to work, cuz only the second part of that exists now.

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