We Shall Never Run Out of Things to Blog About

The other day Bart sent me a link to the Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics site. I had actually seen that site many years ago, but I’m happy to see that they’ve added some new reviews. Including Star Wars Episode III. Clouds of chaff-like black smoke in outer space! Missiles that turn into little chewy bitey robots! Healthy young (non-smoking, non-drinking) women who die in the delivery room of… a broken heart! What’s not to like?

Anyway it was really thoughtful of Bart to point me to that site, but don’t worry, I’m not running out of things to post about. There’s always something. For example — lunch! See, the other day I got a plate of Mexican food at the cafeteria, and I carefully arranged all the different foods around the plate: rice, beans, chicken, salsa, guacamole, etc. Now obviously you want to eat them all together, so why not mix them all together at the start? Rookie move! What you should do is keep all the items separate so that you can mix them in the center as needed. This keeps the cool and hot items from mixing too early, plus if you get the proportions slightly off (too much sour cream? not enough rice?) you can easily correct that in the next mouthful.

As you can see, I am pretty awesome at lunch. With practice, you can be too.

Next week, pictures of my cats!**

** I don’t actually own any cats.

5 thoughts on “We Shall Never Run Out of Things to Blog About

  1. Some friends of mine came up with the term Bullshittium to handle many of the hollywood physics issues. Its a real time saver.

    “Of course we can survive in the core of the planet, the hull of this vehicle is made of pure Bullshittium.”

    “These engines are a 100% Bullshittium drive system, interstellar travel is a snap!”

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